Toni Coral

Toni mindfulness facilitator


Graduated EMI Level One 300-hr Training 2017
Location Detroit, MI
Focus Educators (K-12 and Higher Ed), parents with special needs children, activists, and people living with mental health issues


Toni spent 20 years in the classroom in an economically challenged district with a large number of at-risk students.  She understands the challenges that teachers face and the stress that affects all parts of an educator’s life.  She is highly committed to sharing mindfulness with educators and helping create a space for dignity and compassion that the profession so richly deserves.

Toni’s own struggle with depression and her journey as a mother of a special needs child have been eased with her mindfulness practice.  She hopes to be able to share the optimism that she has gained with others in similar situations.

Note – Toni is an American expat living just on the other side of the Detroit River and is able to work with people both in the US and Canada.