Michael Christie

michael christie mindfulness teacher


Graduated EMI Level One 300-hr Training 2018
Location Monroe, CT
Focus prison, marginalized communities, contemplative practice (Christian)


Dr. Christie received his Doctor of Ministry from Hartford Seminary. He is a Master practitioner in
Neuro-Linguist Programing and a certified mindfulness teacher with the International Mindfulness
Teachers Association. He is Chaplain at several correctional facilities in Connecticut and teaches
mindfulness to a variety of communities. He teaches at male prisons to both the incarcerated and to
staff. Dr. Christie recently launch a mindfulness program for those struggling with addictions. He has
been working with kids and youth, coaching mindfulness in youth sports and teaching mindfulness to
“at risk” youth. Dr. Christie has a passion to teach mindfulness and meditation to Christians and created
a curriculum for Faith-based meditation.

You can reach Michael at: [email protected]