Kamaraj Arockiasamy

Kamaraj Arockiasamy mindfulness facilitator


Graduated EMI Level One 300-hr Training 2016
Location Portland, OR
Focus At-Risk Youth and Working Professionals, Arts and Dancing, Scientific Mind Model


I had my first exposure to meditation in high school, and I was formally introduced to meditation in my first year of engineering college. But it took me some understanding of cognitive and neurosciences, life experience and few great teachers to really appreciate and make sense of it. Based on my experience, I aspire to share it from an arts and science-based approach to mindfulness concepts and practices. This approach is specifically designed with dancing and a scientific mind model as a way to discover the rhythms of life and how it naturally leads to harmony and joy. While the scientific mind model grounds my approach in reality and reasoning, dancing is used as a way to understand, appreciate and apply mindfulness. Like mindfulness, dancing (Latin, Swing and Tango) is also an integral part of my life. Apart from EMI, I am also traditionally trained in the Shambhala path.