Joy Wilde

Joyce Wilde mindfulness facilitator


Graduated EMI Level One 300-hr Training 2016
Location Pittsburg, PA
Focus Substance Abuse, Emotional/Mental Health, Mid-Life Challenges


Joyce B. Wilde, M.S., or “Joy” as friends call her, is a psychologist, workshop leader, certified mindfulness facilitator, personal mindfulness coach, and author of The Wilde Woman’s Guide to Organizing in Five Simple Steps: Using Mindfulness to Change Your Habits. Joy’s strength is organizing, her passion is communication. She is a former police trainer of non-violent communication. She is also a recovering alcoholic of 27 years, and has been coaching others for the past 25 years. Her focus is working with adults who experience mid-life challenges, as well as with those who experience serious substance abuse and emotional/mental issues. Recently she has begun working with children. She is co-owner of a car wash in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with life partner, Sol Shanti. 

Simply put, Joy helps “creatives” of all ages organize their lives — both inside and out.