Jayne Sutton

Jayne Sutton mindfulness facilitator


Graduated EMI Level One 300-hr Training 2016
Graduated EMI Level Two 500-hr Training 2017
Location Alexandria, VA (Washington, DC area)


Jayne Sutton is a long-time meditator committed to bringing the benefits of mindfulness to as wide a population as possible. Nurturing fundamental human qualities of attention, care, and connection allows us to live more open, peaceful, and accepting lives. By giving ourselves time to be still and developing the capacity to stay with whatever arises, we discover natural wisdom and strength. Beyond the well-documented neurological and physiological effects of the practice, I aim through my work to discover and nurture the natural connections between humans in community, and to help isolated individuals uncover (to the extent that they wish to explore) their natural, innate wisdom and compassion through the practice of mindfulness and reflection. Recently retired as executive director of a Metro DC meditation community after seven years in the post.

Contact and Inquiries: [email protected]