Janice Lewis

Janice Lewis mindfulness teacher


Graduated EMI Level One 300-hr Training 2018
Location Chicago, IL (available internationally)
Focus Workshop leader. Mindfulness, Meditation, Labyrinths, and Peace Circles


Janice’s focus is on leading workshops for personal transformation by using personality assessment tools, meditation, labyrinths, and mindfulness. She is dedicated to working with others so they can reach their full potential and realize their dreams. Janice has been recognized by the AARP and Crain’s Media as a “disruptor” who challenges the status quo and applies creative solutions to social challenges of poverty and its stresses on individuals. She is creative director of Peace Club which brings mindfulness to children, teens and adults who live in poverty.
Janice has a 4-year business degree, attended seminary, and is a certified Pastoral Care Specialist and a Spiritual Guide. She is an advanced certified labyrinth guide, a certified Life Coach, advanced certified consultant with the Enneagram, certified and trained meditation practitioner in MBSR, Christian, Buddhist, and mindfulness meditation methodologies. After serving on the board of many organizations, she is now currently a board member of The Labyrinth Society and Peace Club’s organizer and also a facilitator. For more information visit: Janicetime.com
Email: [email protected]