Heidi Leong

Heidi Leong mindfulness facilitator


Graduated EMI Level One 300-hr Training 2016
Location Agoura Hills, CA
Focus At-Risk Teens


After fighting for her education in her teens, Heidi was told to have a college degree to prove that she is worth it. She left her family and friends in Malaysia and came to the United States, with her heart filled with determination and bravery, to seek her self-worth. On her journey of hardship, she discovered the path of Yoga and Meditation. This is a continuing journey to embrace who we are with honesty and dignity, and a potent way to rediscover self-worth and self-acceptance.

Heidi is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher with OM Yoga Center New York. She is actively deepening her study of Mindfulness and Awareness practice at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Los Angeles. Trained as a Mindfulness facilitator with the Engagement Mindfulness Institute, Heidi brings Mindfulness practice to underserved communities, specifically at-risk teens.