David Parrish



Dr. David Parrish is a licensed psychologist with thirty-two years experience in corrections.  He began his career in 1972 at Trenton State Prison, where he served as a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Director of Psychiatry and Psychology, and Assistant Superintendent over a period of twenty years.  He continued his career as Associate Administrator at the New Jersey State Corrections Central Reception Facility until 1998 then moved on to serve as Associate Administrator at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility.  In 2002 he was assigned to Riverfront State Prison where he was appointed Prison Administrator.  Over his career Dr. Parrish has created, developed, and administered numerous transformational programs to offer incarcerated men the opportunity to learn and practice contemplative teachings and leading edge methodologies for behavioral change.   In 1986 Dr. Parrish was taken hostage along with six other staff at Trenton State Prison, following this incident he worked with New Jersey State Police as a consultant and was certified as a hostage negotiator.  After his involvement in several successful hostage situations Dr. Parrish was assigned to train the Special Operations Group and the Hostage Negotiation Team for the New Jersey Department of Corrections.  Since retiring from Corrections in 2008 after 32 years of service, Dr. Parrish has worked with residential treatment programs for people with chronic mental health and addiction disorders, and continued with a twenty-five year private practice.  Dr. Parrish is an avid practitioner of meditation and T’ai Chi Chih and teaches Mindfulness Practice as a key aspect of his work with private patients.  In 2013 Dr. Parrish was invited to Moscow to train graduate students in leading edge techniques in psychotherapy and deliver a talk to the graduate students at the University of Moscow.  Dr. Parrish continues to provide psychological support and services free of charge to people who have been incarcerated.

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