500-Hour Mindfulness Teacher Certification

The 300-hr and 500-hr Mindfulness Teacher Certification Paths

mindfulness facilitator retreat, people meditatingThe methodology and practice used in the Engaged Mindfulness Institute’s Mindfulness Teacher Training and Certification Program is based on an expansive and coherent body of knowledge drawn from classical contemplative traditions and modern psychological and scientific disciplines. As with any discipline, developing competence as a mindfulness facilitator or mindfulness teacher requires a sound conceptual and practical understanding of the underlying theoretical body of knowledge and extensive personal experience and practice with teaching methods, skills and pedagogies.
For this reason, we have a second level of advanced training, our 500-Hr Mindfulness Teacher Certification, which is available to mindfulness teachers who have graduated from our Level One: 300-Hr Mindfulness Teacher Certification and who display a commitment to advanced study and further deepening on their path as professional mindfulness teachers. 
mindfulness teacher training workshop

Program Highlights

  • Study advanced mindfulness teaching topics with the leading mindfulness teachers, researchers, and clinicians, such as Richie Davidson, JoAnna Hardy, Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Bessel van der Kolk, Dan Siegel, and many more.
  • Learn the latest neuroscience research on mindfulness and best practices in trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive mindfulness teaching.
  • Fine-tune your facilitation skills with advanced training modules in present moment inquiry, motivational interviewing, mindful communication, and group dynamics.
  • Connect with and learn alongside a community of aspiring mindfulness teachers on the path of learning and growth.
  • Advance and deepen your mindfulness teaching with ongoing one-on-one mentorship with an experienced mindfulness teacher.

Two Retreats

Fall 7-day Mindfulness Retreat
A weeklong silent mindfulness retreat completed during the Fall program. Retreat venue and program are of the student’s choosing (with approval by EMI faculty mentor; retreat not included in program tuition).
Concluding 7-day EMI Training Retreat 
A weeklong Teacher Training Residential Retreat held in Deerfield, MA. This final retreat focuses on refining the student’s mindfulness teaching skills through intensive role plays, exercises, and advanced training sessions.

Online Learning

Seven months of intensive online learning through video lectures, readings, exams, and written assignments including:
Five Online Courses
Course 1:  Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence Skills for Teaching
Course 2:  Mindful Communication Skills
Course 3:  Neuroscience
Course 4:  Group Facilitation
Course 5:  Trauma-Informed Teaching 
Community of Practice: Program includes ongoing participation in a robust, online Community of Practice (COP). Participants engage in online written discussion with their peers. There are also monthly small learning group video calls with an EMI faculty member.

Mentorship and Practicum

One-on-one Mentoring: Monthly One-Hour Video or Voice Call with Faculty Mentor. Students receive specialized guidance as they deepen and grow as mindfulness teachers through ongoing mentorship by a senior teacher.
Practice Teaching: Complete 100 Hours of mentored practice teaching

Certification Requirements

The EMI Level Two 500-Hour Mindfulness Teacher Certification includes additional online and in-person training and instructional learning and 100 hours of mentored practice teaching. Level Two certification requirements include:
  • EMI 300-Hr Mindfulness Teacher Certification (successful completion of Level One)
  • Continue daily mindfulness meditation practice (at least five (5) 45-minute sessions logged per week)
  • Continue daily mindful movement practice (at least three (3) 45-minute sessions logged per week)
  • Complete one additional seven-day, silent mindfulness meditation retreat (location selected by applicant with approval by EMI faculty mentor)
  • Successfully complete a seven-day EMI Teacher Training Residential Retreat
  • Complete five online EMI advanced training modules
  • Participate fully and constructively in online Community of Practice dialogue groups as well as in monthly Small Learning Group video conferences with a faculty mentor, and complete a monthly one-on-one advising call with a faculty mentor
  • Complete 100 hours of documented practice teaching (under supervision by EMI faculty mentor or other EMI approved supervisor)
  • Pass online Mindfulness Teacher Exam with a score of at least 75 out of a possible 100 points  (Participants may retest every 30 days until attaining the required passing score)
  • Submit a 5 – 10 page Paper describing the learning and insights gained during participants 100 hours of practice teaching and continued training (Participant’s paper must receive a score of at least 75 out of a possible 100 points and may be resubmitted until a passing score is achieved)
  • Receive a positive evaluation and recommendation for certification from one EMI core faculty and participant’s one-on-one faculty mentor
  • Complete a final phone or video conference interview with Certification Committee after all other requirements are satisfied

Note:  The Engaged Mindfulness Institute reserves the right to ask any participant/student to complete further training and/or practice teaching at the student’s own expense prior to granting 500-Hour Mindfulness Teacher Certification. EMI also reserves the right to refuse certification to any student deemed not to meet the qualifications and competencies required for certification or for whom the role and responsibilities of a mindfulness facilitator or teacher is deemed inappropriate.