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An EMI Certified Mindfulness Teacher?

The Engaged Mindfulness Institute certifies mindfulness teachers at two levels. An EMI 300-hr Certified Mindfulness Teacher has undergone a minimum of 300 hours of training, including 35 hours of supervised practice teaching, in our year-long Level One: 300-hr Mindfulness Teacher Certification and has had their teaching evaluated by the Engaged Mindfulness Institute. An EMI 500-hr Certified Mindfulness Teacher has completed both our Level One: 300-hr and Level Two: 500-hr Mindfulness Teacher Certifications, including completion of extensive one-on-one mentorship and 100 hours of supervised practice teaching. All of our EMI Certified Teachers have made a strong commitment to the theory and practice of mindfulness in various social service agencies, institutions, and communities, and have agreed to abide by the EMI Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct. EMI does not currently certify teachers to lead multi-day meditation retreats; however, some of our teachers may have received additional training or certification from other institutions that qualify them to do so.


EMI does not conduct criminal or personal background checks on our certified Teachers. This is the responsibility of the agencies and/or programs hiring them for services. Engaged Mindfulness Institute (division of Prison Dharma Network, Inc.)  is not liable or responsible for any actions of the Certified Teachers listed here. This directory is merely a resource for those seeking mindfulness teachers for programs. Choosing to hire someone found in this directory is done at your own risk.