Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Resiliency


EMI developed the Mindfulness-Based Wellness & Resiliency (MBWR)™ model and curriculum as a wellness & resiliency training and professional development program for social services professionals, corrections professionals, law enforcement and other first responders.  The MBWR™ model combines an array of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-care and resilience building practices with a set of shift readiness skills for each of the four quadrants of Goleman’s emotional intelligence model: self- awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Shift workers learn to use good self care discipline and practices to recover from the stress and challenges of their occupation, which often includes primary and secondary trauma exposure, and to build deeper reservoirs of resilience for overall wellness and life balance.  The also learn to employ a sophisticated set of mindfulness-based emotional and social intelligence skills to better manage their own physiology and stress response, while improving their communication skills and overall performance on the job.

The Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Resiliency training is currently offered by our sister organization: Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety.