MFT-300 Certification

Two Retreats

Opening Weeklong Mindfulness Retreat
 The first retreat focuses on establishing or deepening your personal mindfulness practice, including mindful yoga and other mindful movement practices.

Concluding Retreat & Graduation
The final retreat’s focus is on deepening your personal mindfulness practice, learning to teach mindfulness and building confidence as a mindfulness facilitator and teacher-in-training.

Both retreats are seven days, six nights, including arrival and departure day.Retreats will be held in Deerfield, Massachusetts at a beautiful rural retreat center accessible from airports in Harford, Boston and New York (via Amtrak). 

Online Learning

Nine months of intensive online learning through video lectures, exams, written assignments including: 

Three Online Courses 
Course 1:  10-week Fundamentals of Mindfulness Practice course
Course 2:  8-week Art of Teaching Mindfulness course
Course 3: 6-week Engaged Mindfulness Training Course

Community of Practice

The program includes ongoing participation in a robust, online Community of Practice (COP). 

Here you will share your learning about the key concepts of the training with your fellow participants through guided discussions.  Participants will also log their daily/weekly practice requirements online in these groups.

Some of the richest learning will occur through engaging with your entire training cohort (limited to 40 participants) online. You will also be assigned a smaller online study group that will be guided by a group mentor.



Read more about the requirements for the certification path by clicking here.


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