July @ Windhorse Hill


Mindfulness Meditation Class with Fleet Maull

Beginning July 11 @ 7-8:30pm, join Fleet Maull & Ariel Pliskin for:

  • Meditation
  • Short Talk
  • Council or Dialogue

Virtual Zendo: Monday-Friday

We’ve hosted a Virtual Zendo for the past 7 years at Monday through Fridays.

We will be expanding the practice schedule to include more early morning and evening hours in the fall, and add guided meditations as well to the schedule. Stay tuned! 

Join us @ 9:30-10am ET by clicking here.

You can also subscribe to our EMI Events Google Calendar here. 


Path of Freedom Retreat

Path of Freedom Retreat

July 21-23
For those who have completed the Path of Freedom online course or those who are interested in beginning mindfulness/emotional intelligence (MBEI) volunteering in prisons 

  • Weekend Retreat
  • Meditation, Yoga, Council
  • Short ‘workshops’ on POF topics
  • Community!

Email us for info. 

Looking Ahead . . .

August, September & Beyond

  • Mandala Dance, August 12
  • Ongoing: Tuesday Mindfulness Meditation with Fleet
  • People of Color Retreat with Gaylon Ferguson May 24-28, 2018
  • Winter 2018: 2nd Annual “Skullcup & the Teacup” Sesshin (5 days)
  • Summer 2018: 1st Annual EMI MTT Grads Retreat (5 days)
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